Sunday, 29 August 2010

Amazon Marketplace Disbursements

Your earnings are automatically transferred to your bank account every two weeks and take about a week to appear in your account. You can also initiate a transfer once every twenty-four hours. Some sellers 'disburse' once a week and others every day.

When deciding on how often you should transfer your funds, it's worth bearing in mind how much money you can afford not to access for up to 30 days. The reason for this is that if Amazon suspects that there are any problems with your account, they will suspend your account first and ask questions later. An account can be suspended for something as small as your credit card expiring as well as more serious breaches of their terms and conditions.

If it is only your credit card that has expired, you can get access to your account soon after you supply the revised details or register a different card.

Unfortunately, Amazon only let you know that there is a problem with you card when you try to do something like disbursing your earnings. In this case you will receive an email telling you that “Your Marketplace deposit is on its way”, but within the hour you will receive another email telling you that your disbursement has been delayed. In reality, the payment has reversed and you won't be able to initiate a another transfer of funds for 24 hours.

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