Monday, 4 April 2011

Featured Author - Wentworth M Johnson

Wentworth M JohnsonWentworth M. Johnson is a Canadian writer. He was born in March 1939, Cambridgeshire, England. He is the great grandson of William Edward Bourne 1851-1925 (playwright, dramatist and theatrical producer).

His early career was with the Royal Air Force working with the Ghurkha regiment reclaiming Borneo after it had been invaded by Indonesia and later as navigator with 1125 Marine Craft unit, chasing pirates in the South China Sea. He spent two years in Nairobi on international communications and handed the Small station over to the Kenyan Army.

He moved to Canada after leaving the RAF in 1967 and worked in a lumber factory for a short while. Then spent five years working in a munitions factory and laboratory after a disagreement with the boss walked out and immediately got a job with a local television station and worked there for some twenty-eight years. Took early retirement in the year 2000.

Johnson has published newspaper and magazine articles, as well as a number of fiction and non-fiction books including The Bill Breyner Mystey Series: Fiend's Gold, Mania, Edinburgh Cuckoos, Damp Graves, Lions and Christians, The Canadian, The Dutchman and The Mermaid.

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