Friday, 10 July 2009

Nochex Problem

When I first started an online shop, I accepted both Nochex and PayPal on my website. I used Nochex as my main payment service provider because customers didn't have to join Nochex to make a payment and Nochex also accepted debit cards. When PayPal introduced these features and when eBay bought PayPal, I decided to make PayPal my main provider. I still accepted Nochex for those people who preferred Nochex, but very few payments were made with Nochex.

After a while, I tried to log into my Nochex account only to find that my account had been suspended due to inactivity. As it is Nochex's (security) policy not to send notification, I had no idea of how long the account had been suspended and how many customers I had lost.You can't re-activate the account online — you have to download and print a two-page form, answer security questions, provide two original (?) proofs of identity (they don't return these so they recommend you send photocopies!) and a cancelled cheque or paying-in slip - and then post it to them. It took two weeks and two emails after they received this documentation to get my account reactivated. Nochex do not have a customer service number.

When I finally gained access to my account, I discovered that Nochex had charged me a £20 dormant account fee - again without any warning or notification. I have now closed my account and will no longer be accepting Nochex on my website.

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